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Using the Telerik RadComoBox ItemsRequested to create an autocomplete

Telerik Ajax

  I’ve been using the Telerik Ajax controls for about a year and a half now and I’m still regularly blown away by the work these controls save me every time I use them.  Today I thought I’d look at the radcombox and the ItemsRequested event.  Essentially, this event allows you to create an AutoComplete control without implementing a web service (see ).   Getting Started Obviously you’ll need a copy of the latest Telerik […]


Top .Net Support Forums

Question Mark Man

  Like most people, I spend a lot of time on the Internet, doing searches to find ideas, code snippets and support or advice from fellow programmers.  I thought that today I might spend a little time going over a list of the Top .net support forums that I frequent.  I’m not going to list them in any particular order because I tend to go through periods where I spend more time on one than another, […]


Using the Ajaxtoolkit Watermark Extender

Ajax Control Tookit

Ok, today I had a little free time and I thought I would hit upon something that is very, very simple to use but unfortunately, not used nearly enough.  By using the TextBoxWatermarkExtender, you can easily inform a user of the requirements or usage of a form without cluttering the page with additional content.  Adding a watermark extender to a textbox takes literally 1 line of code but doing so adds much to the user […]


Passing Parameters to a QueryString – The right way to do it, Encryption

asp.Net Logo

Ok, so the other day I was browsing some asp.Net Forums, answering question when I came across this little diamond.  The question was on simply passing parameters to a querystring and this is how it was answered. Q: How do I pass the UserId and Password to my login.aspx page? A: Have a Hyperlink control pointing to Login.aspx and append the Text of each textbox to the querystring as parameters, see below dim myPara as string= “?userid=” […]


How to Split a String based on a Delimiter or Special Character

asp.Net Logo

I just thought I would throw a quick tip up today as I saw questions on how to split comma delimited string go across my desk at least twice in the last two days. How can I split a string that has been delimited using special characters, such as a semi-colon or comma?  You’ll see this a lot in arrays, JSON and in cases where one may want to force different columns of information into a […]


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