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Hardware Must Have – Get yourself a WHS (Windows Home Server)


If you do any .Net of WordPress development outside the office, you need to get yourself a Windows Home Server. I’m currently running an Acer Aspire EasyStore H340.  I bought it for about $250 bucks used about two years ago.  What’s in it This particular model came with 4 bays, 2 eSata 1 TB drives.  It runs off a 32bit Intel 1.6ghz Atom with 2GB Ram.   That doesn’t sound like much but for serving up […]


asp.Net 4.0 Routing, a simple Tutorial that works

asp.Net Logo

One of the more interesting things I’ve started using these last few months is Routing.  Everyone has written code where there’s a URL parameter of catId=16 right?  Yeesh, I know, it pains me to think. I read one day how search engines like Google dislike parameters and started thinking I could up my game just a little.  I did alot of research but oh my god, the examples made my brain hurt.  It took a […]

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